Article Builder Review

So you need tons of content because you do SEO, or you just want to be able to create auto-blogs within a few clicks of the mouse. But the problem is that most of the software out there that creates content for SEO and niche site purposes is completely useless and unreadable…
That’s why I started searching for a premium article writing software, and if you’re in the same boat stick around while I go through my Article Builder review!
How Does Article Builder Work?
Article Builder uses real human writers and lots of em’, and what they do is write and and rewrite sentences and paragraphs over and over again to generate a gigantic database of related content that can be used millions of times and remain 75% unique, which is the AB guarantee. You can select the niche you want the article created, click the super spun content checkbox, and click create my article and you will have a 75% unique article ready to use for your website or SEO purposes.
What Niches Are Covered?

What else is Article Builder Used For?
• AB has the ability to link up to your WP website and submit content based on the schedule you desire. If you want to have unique articles submitted on auto-pilot to your new gardening blog you can do that, and you can add related images and video too. Check out a few of the advanced AB options in the back-end.
• If you decide to go the auto-blogging route you can take it up a notch by having Article Builder monetize your blog with related Clickbank offers.
• If you don’t see your category listed above then you can “suggest” your topic to AB and if there are enough people requesting that topic it will be the next added to the database, and you better believe that new topics are added all the time.
Advanced Article Builder options?
Perform Automatic LSI – LSI stands for Latent Symantic Indexing, and it is a super technical term for related. When you use this feature some terms will be switched out for other related terms. For example, outdoor plating may turn into outdoor gardening.
Spin Articles Together – You can generate 5 articles at once and spin them together into one article so you can have content for other software. Well, that’s how I use it at least.
Spin With TheBestSpinner – You can spin the article using TheBestSpiner API and generate a massive article that reads pretty well. This will create a few garbled sentences but it is amazing for SEO, and that’s for sho’!

The Good –
• 100% readable content
• Guaranteed 75% unique content
• Click and create content in seconds
• Auto-blogging
• Topics always being added
• Software API  available
The Bad –
• $300 one time fee seems pricey (Apparently, only $.80 per day?)
• Not all EXACT niches are covered

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