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What Is Auto Profit Signals Software?

The system is an automated trading robot, which means it trades binary options on autopilot.

It uses advanced trading signals used by everyday trading professionals that are earning 7 and 8 figures yearly trading options.

What that means is that you don’t need to be a full time trader or have an advanced degree to make money with the system.

What’s So Special About The System?

The software automates trading and uses advanced trading algorithms that power the system and offer up all the trades.

Since the software automates trades it can use the signals provided to earn as high as 89% profit per trade, according to the official website.

You can place the trades yourself, or allow the system to take care of your trading for you.

How You Make Money With Binary Options?

There are only 2 trades that make you money which is why binary options is growing so fast.

It’s simple..

You place a call or a put on any option.

The call is an up investment, and option is a down investment.

If you invest in a call for 30 seconds you’re saying it’s going to move UP within the next 30 seconds.

If you invest in a PUT for 30 seconds, you’re saying after 30 seconds the option will be LOWER than when you started the trade.

If so, you win a huge profit. Otherwise, you lose your investment in the broker.


How Much Is The Minimum To Trade Binary Options?

That depends on the broker, time of trade, binary option being traded, and many other options.

But, there are brokers offering trades for as low as $5 per trade.

Average trades are set at $25 but go as high as $1k if you want to invest more per trade.

What About The Expiration?

This is your choice, but each option has an expiration.

You set it anywhere from 30 seconds, to one year. If the option expires and has moved in the direction you choose then you win the payout.

This makes it a good option for both long term and short term traders looking for faster ROI.

Is the Software FREE?

Yes, but only if you grab it from the official Auto Profit Signals software website.

Once you sign up and reserve your copy you’ll be able to fund your account with the broker.

The broker will allow you place your trades, and they will be able to give you the download link for the software once you fund your account as well.

Here’s what to do to get started with Auto Profits Signals software…

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