Real Profits Software Review

What is the Real Profits software and how can it help you profit easily?

Find out inside the full Real Profits review below and just how soon you can expect profits from using it.

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What is the Real Profits software and what does it really do?

Real Profits is a new binary options software that was created to help you with your trading.

The software is able to watch the binary market for you and is also able to show you where the most possible trade is located to receive profits.

By using Real Profits you can expect a high return on your investment because this software takes all the guessing out of trading.

What are the benefits of using Real Profits?


Do I need training to use the Real Profits Software?

No training is required to use Real Profits properly.

It was designed so that even a basic or beginner trader can use and take advantage of the Real Profits software.

There is no manual to flip through to successfully use this software and to be able to see profitable trades.

How does binary options trading work?

Binary options trading is a simple form of trading to understand even if you have never traded before.

This is because there are only two types of trades to make and they are called call and put trades.

The call trade is when you think that your binary option’s value will increase and the put is when you think the value will decrease.

After you have decided what direction your binary option is favored to go you will have to set and wait for your time period to end.

The time period can vary and you are able to choose between short time periods and long time periods. They go from seconds to hours to multiple days.

Once your time period has ended you are able to see if you have profited from your trade and your winnings will go straight into your Real Profits account.

If Real Profits really free to use completely?
Yes, Real Profits is a free software to use no matter how many winning trades you pull in from it.

But to start trading you will need to deposit money into your account before you are allowed full access inside Real Profits or to place a real trade.

The minimum amount to start a new account with Real Profits is $300 and once you are inside Real Profits you $300 will be waiting for you to trade with.

How do I use the options broker?

The options broker is the person that will help you deposit your money into your account with Real Profits.

They will not charge you any fee for depositing your money or using their service.

They are able to take your money from any of your credit cards or straight from your banking account.
Once they have collected your money you are able to start trading is normally less that 5 minutes.

If I want to start trading now how can I start using Real Profits?

1. Click onto the instant access button below to create your new Real Profits account
2. Real Profits will send you over to their options broker to fund your new trading account
3. Give the options broker your banking or credit card information to collect your deposit
4. You will be directed over to Real Profits to finish your free account and will be instantly allowed to start trading!

instant access

A Simple Binary Options Strategy

Every single new binary investor needs to prepare themselves both mentally and emotionally for the ups and downs that come along with binary trading.

The first step is to select a good binary options trading platform, and what that means is the platforms should work well with your trading style whether that be forex, stocks, commodities, or index trading.

Once it’s time to trade, where is the best place to start? It’s a well known fact that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. It’s time to come up with a reliable and proven binary options strategy.

Right below we created the step by step strategy for binary success and now it’s yours for free..


The Early Hedger Binary Options Strategy


It’s not uncommon knowledge that most new traders start out using technical analysis to place trades. If you have ever used this specific type of trading style to read charts, it may be a good idea to check out some resources on candlestick charting, which is very well known in the binary industry as a go to trading strategy to follow.

It’s important that you pick the right entry and exit position on every single binary option investment and with candlestick charting there is less room for error which means higher ROI.

Here’s a breakdown of the early hedging strategies that you may want to follow :

1.    Decide the best point of entry on the specific binary option trade as early in the cycle as possible
2.    Give it time to make a move, keep a close eye so you can increase the trade for more profit or even hedge in specific cases.
3.    Start looking to place a potential second trade roughly 10 minutes prior to the lock out period
4.    When the position is in the money hardcore it’s best to leave it alone
5.    If you’re losing money on the trade you can leave it alone and move on to the next or attempt to place 2 more trades to lock in a profit zone.
6.    In case the option is sticking around the entry point, It could be a great idea to being placing opposing binary trade position to limit max. losses.

The 6 tips above can guide your trading. This is a proven early hedging strategy for binary options and it is a sound way to control the overall risk of an otherwise risky trade.

Under this binary options strategy you give your self a ton more chances to reap profits and exit loss positions and you have the chance to keep a close eye on your trades.

Other popular binary strategies expose traders to substantial risk with no consideration for safety. Stay in the investment for as long as possible and follow the strategies outlined above to keep yourself trading.

Selecting A Binary Options Broker That’s Right For You

When choosing from any type of binary options investing how can you choose a responsible broker? Well, there are many factors to always keep in mind when choosing the right broker that is right for your situation and these factors are listed for you below.

Binary Options That are Available for Trading

All the binary options brokers are their own set of rules and assets that they are able to trade with so if you are trying to trade with a specific binary option then you must do research to see if your broker will trade with that asset. So if you are trying to trade with Apple, then you need to make sure that your broker if able to handle them to be able to place your trade.

But fortunately, the most popular binary options to trade with on the market are carried with almost every broker.

If you are a trader who enjoys trading forex, commodities, indices, or plain equities then more likely than not your broker will be able to take care of you.


What Expiration Time Frames Are Available?

Before you place your trade you need to decide which time frame is right for you. Any qualified options broker can assist you in finding which time frame is best for you to trade with. There are time periods that vary from 15 minutes to one hour and greater so make sure you choose correctly before placing your trade.

How Long Is The Lock Out Period Last For?

The factor is the most important binary options trading factor.

The lockout period is the time period where you are no longer able to alter your binary options trade.

A normal binary options broker lock out period is around 10 minutes although some brokers offer a 5 or 15 minute period as well.

When trading it is in your best interest to find a broker that has the lowest possible lockout period. This is because the more you have in your control the better results you can have.

When Is The Right Time To Place a Binary Option Trade

The answer to how often you should place a binary option trade is really determined by what kind of trader you are. Some people are very picky about placing a binary option trade and will only do so when conditions are ripe for their overall strategy.

I think this kind of discipline helps new binary options traders significantly in minimizing potentially disastrous effects of overtrading.

Pick a system you’ve either tested yourself or have purchased and believe in and only place a binary option trade when your system says so.

This way you can easily determine whether the system you are using is goo in picking binary option trade entry points or not.

Trading binary options is often an exhilarating activity, filled with emotional swings, being disciplined in your approach makes it a lot easier to handle these volatile times and is a great learning tool in how to handle pressure and adversity not only in binary option trading but in life in general.

over trading

The Classic Over-Trader

This is a trap many inexperienced traders fall into when they start trading binary options. While the goal may be to exhibit patience and discipline when deciding to place a binary option trade, oftentimes our emotions and ego get in the way and we start to place binary option trades based on a gut feeling.

Some binary option traders do really well following their gut instinct at first but eventually things turn and they end up having to go back to the disciplined system they started off using.

We see theses over trading tendencies most often amongst hedgers. While careful consideration is taken before placing the initial binary option trade early in the expiration cycle, all bets are off once the underlying asset has a chance to move around.

Recall that there are times hedgers find themselves locked into a two trade position that guarantees a loss, albeit a small one. Well no one likes to lose right? So what you’ll see is traders looking to turn a small loss into some sort of gain at the risk of losing even more.

This is bad form.

A discipline trader following a disciplined system knows there is no harm in taking small losses on positions.

The goal is to live another day to place another binary option trade and this can not occur if you continue to over trade, placing risky trades to avoid small losses. Our advice, take the loss and move on to the next trade.

What’s The Binary Trading Platform All About?

Your binary trading platform choice plays a critical part of your ultimate success as a binary options trader.

While they may look the same, each binary trading platform is definitely not the same. Speed is essential in any trading activity, especially when the difference between winning huge and losing big is a mere fraction of a penny apart.

That’s why it’s important to get comfortable with the defining characteristics of your binary trading platform of choice as quickly as possible.


Binary Trading Platform Charting Capabilities

Each platform provides some sort of charting functionality so you can easily see graphically where you are placing your trades.

Some charts on the various platforms are better than others. Make sure you pick a binary trading platform that has real time graphs that can easily be seen next to the trade entry area.

While this seems like a no-brainer, do not overlook this seemingly minor point.

Remember how we said speed is everything, well the difference between using a binary trading platform chart and using an independent chart outside of the platform can cause you to miss a potential trade by seconds, time that could be critical in determining a winning trade and losing trade.

I learned the hard way. When I first started trading binary options I used independent charting sources to determine my entry points. After losing a few trades by 0.0002 cents (seriously!) I decided I couldn’t risk the time that it took to look back and forth and miss a solid trading opportunity.

Binary Trading Platform Order Entry

Another seemingly minor point here but do not underestimate the importance of selecting a platform that is easy to switch between purchasing a put or call.

I also learned this one the hard way (see a pattern here!) A lot of times you will find yourself switching back and forth between puts and calls, especially when a stock pattern is at a critical juncture that could yield a quick breakout or strong reversal.

Make sure your binary trading platform of choice switches easily and quickly between puts and calls because if there is a significant lag you may find yourself purchasing a binary call when you meant to purchase a binary put.

There is nothing worse than reading the charts correctly, placing a trade based on your reading, then realizing you selected the wrong put or call by accident.

Remember this is binary options trading, there are no re-dos, no mulligan’s, you have to live with your decisions even if they were made in error.

So take some time to get comfortable with the order entry functionality of your favorite binary trading platform, it could mean the difference between an exhilarating win and a crushing defeat.

What Are The Many Advantages of Binary Options Trading

Binary trading has taken the trading world by storm over the past few years as day traders who have been used to scalping miniscule returns for small stock movements can now generate returns up to 90% for these same small stock movements through binary trading.

In its most simple form binary trading is a direction based, win loss proposition.

If the trader is correct in picking the direction of the underlying asset in a given time frame he/she will win a set percentage (typically between 60% and 90%), and if the trader is incorrect in picking the direction of the underlying stock in a given time frame he/she will lose anywhere between 85% and 100% of the trade.


Keep in mind in binary trading the magnitude of the underlying asset move is meaningless, the direction is all that matters. This can best be described in an example:

For instance say a trader thinks the price of Google is going to rise over the next hour, he/she could purchase a binary call option expiring at the top of the hour, at Google’s current price.

If the binary call option was purchased with shares of Google trading at $600, the trader would generate the winning return percentage (60-90%) if shares finished anywhere above $600 upon expiration.

So whether shares of Google finished at $600.01 or $699 the trader would only generate the specified winning percentage. This is the essence of binary trading.

So who is exactly using binary trading as part of their daily trading activities? We’ve seen the most binary trading activity from stock day traders and forex traders.

The one thing successful stock and forex day traders have is the ability to forecast price movement over short time intervals. If this best describes you then you need to jump on the binary trading train as soon as possible.

However, price speculation isn’t the only way these successful stock and forex traders are incorporating binary trading into their trading activities, they are also using binary trading as a hedging instrument.

What I mean by this is instead of closing out a trade that is going against them, they may first consider placing an appropriately sized binary trade in the opposite direction of the original trade to offset potential losses.

This is a super effective way to mitigate downside portfolio risk. In many instances not only does an effective binary trading hedge limit risk but it also increases overall profitability. Now that’s what I call a win-win scenario!

Forex Binary Options Trading vs. Traditional Forex Trading

Forex binary options are slowly but surely starting to gain in popularity amongst traditional forex traders. Why you ask?

Because forex binary options present several advantages to traders that simply can not be duplicated in traditional forex trading. Let’s take a look:

Expiration Benefits of Forex Binary Options

Forex binary options typically expire every hour.  While this may not seem like a big advantage to some, a disciplined trader can truly appreciate this benefit.

Instead of placing stop-loss orders and/or waiting for the position to reach a certain level before exiting, forex binary options either incur a gain or loss every hour.

No need to worry about 2 hour or daily performance, one hour gets you in and out.


Risk Management Benefits of Forex Binary Options

The moment you place a forex binary options trade you immediately know the maximum potential gain and maximum potential loss of the trade.

Even if you combine a few forex binary options trades together, it is very easy to determine how much capital you are placing at risk and the potential reward for this risk.

This is a huge advantage over traditional forex trading which doesn’t inherently have a risk management component and requires careful monitoring in order to efficiently and effectively manage risk.

Actually traditional forex trading in some ways is exactly the opposite of forex binary options trading from a risk management perspective, in the sense that extreme leverage increases the risk of a position blowing up your whole portfolio!

Binary Options + Forex Trading  = Win-Win Scenario

Smart forex traders recognize the benefits including forex binary options in their portfolio can have on overall performance. So what you are seeing is a growing number of traders using forex binary options to hedge their positions.

Instead of panicking when a forex position starts to move against you, consider placing an appropriately sized forex binary options trade in the new direction of the underlying.

Because of the large return characteristics inherent in binary options in many instances an appropriately hedged forex position can yield a profit no matter what direction the underlying moves once the forex binary options position is established.

This is the new paradigm shift in forex trading. You are exposing yourself to too much risk and possibly even limiting your profit potential if you are not including forex binary options in your trading activities.

So find a solid binary options trading platform and start implementing a disciplined hedging strategy today that can save you money.