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Who are Sara Young and Andrew Hansen?

What is the Constant Profits Club?

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Product : Constant Profits Club

Creator(s) : Andrew Hansen/Sara Young

Niche : Affiliate Marketing

Investment : $1,997

Launch Dates : March 8 – 18th

Official Site : Click here

There has been a lot of talk (and email) going around for this new launch by well known marketers Andrew Hansen and Sara Young called Constant Profits Club.

The system has been created as a two part training that is designed to do two things :

  1. Get quick results and “constant profits” coming in
  2. Leverage those constant profits to create your own $5,000 to $10,000 per month affiliate business

Everyone wants to get fast results so they can pay their bills and finally get results online, but after you reach that point it’s vital that you have a “bigger picture” in mind for reaching 6 and perhaps even 7 figures.

That’s where the Constant Profits Club system comes in!

Inside the training you’re going to learn how to start making quick commissions through the power of high paid writing gigs. This is NOT your garbage $5 fiverr articles that nobody wants to (or can) read.

You’ll learn how to find the article writing jobs that pay top dollar, how to outsource the work so you don’t have to write the articles yourself, and how to turn quick profits along the way.

Step 1 is as easy as that.. You’ll have the commissions necessary to start up and invest into your affiliate marketing business that has the potential to reach 6 figures per year.

sara young

What’s The 6 Figure Marketing That’s Covered In The Constant Profits Club Members Area?

Step 2 is where you ramp it up and take your online business to $5,000 to $10,000+ per month with your first niche affiliate website.

Affiliate marketing is powerful because it allows you to make money by selling other people’s products which means NO product development, no creating funnels, none of that..

Just drive traffic to these “done for you funnels” and make sales!

I’ve generated well over 6 figures through the power of affiliate marketing and so can you, especially when you follow the step by step training modules covered in the members area.

Here’s a few of the things you’ll learn inside the modules covered by Constant Profits Club :

  • Module 1 : Intro
  • Module 2 : Instant Income
  • Module 3 : Pick Your Niche
  • Module 4 : Craft a Website That Google Loves
  • Module 5 : Content & On Page Optimization
  • Module 6 : Getting Fast Traffic and Sales
  • Module 7 : Initial Link Building and Promos
  • Module 8 : Blogger Outreach & On-going Link Building
  • Module 9 : Time for Review
  • Module 10 : Analytics-Reviewing Traffic-Linking-Rankings
  • Module 11 : Setup a Plan

What Else Is Included With Your Membership?

The training is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the  package included with your purchase of Constant Profits Club.

Here’s a few other benefits included in the package :

Live Coaching – You will have 10 weeks of training, 1 per week, and this allows you to work with Andrew and Sara directly to solve your issues, ask questions, or just get to know the system in depth. Recordings will be included so you’re not forced to watch every single weekly webinar live.

Outsourcing – On top of the coaching, you’ll have a chance to work with a team of time tested professional outsources which means less work for you. Just send your tedious tasks over to the team of outsources and let them take care of the heavy lifting for you!


Done For You SEO – Let the Constant Profits Club team take care of your website rankings that will help you drive automated traffic, leads, and sales right into your affiliate site for free. This is how I’ve made a killing online and they offer SEO and backlining services and they include it in the package. THIS IS EPIC!

Private Community – Have you ever purchased a course and felt like you couldn’t move forward because an obstacle or question stood in your way? That will never happen with Constant Profits Club because you’ll have a 24/7 support system no matter where you live around the globe. Head into the private forum or Facebook group to ask questions, or send support your questions directly!

What About A Constant Profits Club Bonus?

YES! I put together an AMAZING bonus that’s going to knock your socks off..

Here’s a list of the bonuses I’m offering..

traffic1 bonusesspark-engine



Let me and my team of professional SEOs get YOUR Constant Profits Club website ranked at the top of Google and banking autopilot commissions for you for FREE!

Did you find my site at the top of the search engines? I bet you did, and that goes to show you the power of search engine optimization when it’s done right…

Me and my team will optimize both on page AND off page SEO for an entire month to skyrocket your rankings and organic traffic through the roof!

How To Purchase The Constant Profits Club and Lock In My Bonuses?

First, Click the button below to head to the official website.

Then, purchase instant access to the private members area before the doors close on March 18th!

Finally, contact me directly and I’ll send the bonuses over within 48 hours or less.

instant access



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