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Kids Good Nutrition for Brain Development

January 29, 2016

Providing Healthy Eating for Kids is very important not only for body but also the development of the brain. Healthy foods will provide more value for their growth, especially for the brain. Of course with the hope you as parents is to have healthy children and also intelligent.

There are some things you should know when to give children healthy food that is Kid Nutrition. In a food contains a very good nutrition to help a child's brain development, thereby increasing the ability of a child's brain.

1. Protein.

Protein is essential for the body, can improve the ability of the brain and producing cell membranes. Amino acids contained in protein help increase concentration.

2. Fat.

Fat does not always mean something harmful to the body, but the fat that may help brain development. Fat can help omega 3 and omega 6 in order to enhance the ability of the brain.

3. Omega 3.

Maybe for parents already know the role of omega 3. This is one substance that can help develop the ability of the brain. Omega 3 can generally be obtained from foods such as fish and also vegetables like broccoli. It turned out that broccoli contains omega 3.

4. Omega 6.

Omega 6, may be rare for parents to know about this. But the role of omega-6 is essential for brain development, as well as the functions of omega 3. The combination of omega 3 and omega 6 is of course very good for brain development because children become more nimble in thought. Omega 6 can be obtained from soybean oil.

5. Carbohydrate.

In addition to protein, omega 3 and omega 6, carbohydrates are the nutrients that should not be forgotten. Carbohydrates are a source of energy for the body and also a source of energy for the brain to be able to think and concentrate.

6. Vitamins.

Want children grow up healthy and intelligent brain, give vitamins to support it. Vitamins are very good for brain development such as: vitamins A, B6 and B9.