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What Is Millionaires Blueprint Software?

The software is designed to find the most profitable trades on complete autopilot so it’s a great tool for new binary options traders or skilled investors that want to receive live trading signals.

The software can find trades based on different parameters and based on these the Millionaires Blueprint software will create live alerts also known as signals in the trading world.

The signal tells you exactly what to trade and how to place the trade (in what direction) so you can get the highest ROI on your investment.

Since the software was designed by a full time trader who earns thousands per day with binary trading the signals are based on real trading experience that is proven to profit.

How You Make Money Using Millionaires Blueprint?

Plug in to the system by simply opening the application and firing on the software.

You’ll begin receiving trading alerts the second the system spots a profitable trading opportunity. When the software tells you to place a trade all you have to do is head to the broker and place the trade.

Then, you can sit back and wait for the expiration of the binary option which is typically around 30 seconds to 120 seconds for most short term investors.

Don’t be afraid to invest longterm, though. You can place trades for up to a year on any binary option investment.

In the event the option ends in the direction you choose by the expiration of your choice you’ll win a HUGE payout that can reach as high as 95% per trade.

Otherwise, you’ll lose the money you placed on that specific option when it ends in the direction you did NOT choose.

Example : Google vs Apple is at $1000. The software tells you to place a put (downward moving investment) on Google vs Apple at $1000 for 30 seconds.

That means the software believes Google vs Apple will lower than 999.99 within 30 seconds from now. You would win if you the option did in fact move downward after the 30 second expiration since you placed a “put”.

Had you placed a “call” (opposite of a “put”) on the previous example and Google moved from $1000.00 to $999.99 you would have LOST your initial investment into the binary option.

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What’s The Software Cost To Start Using?

It’s free but you need to have a trading account.

As long as you sign up for your trading account through the official Millionaires Blueprint website you’ll get free instant access to the software.

The trading account will require a minimum investment to get started and that starts at $200 depending on the broker you choose.

This is NOT a cost for the Millionaires Blueprint software and training. It’s the trading capital you’ll be using to place your trades with the system.

So The Broker Is 100% Required?

This is standard in any investment opportunity including traditional stock investing. You may create an account at to start traditional stock investing.

To begin binary option investing, though, you need a binary options trading account with an accepted binary broker.

There are only a handful of acceptable brokers currently working with Millionaires Blueprint. Click this link to check out the list of accepted brokers..

Here’s The Steps To Sign Up For Millionaires Blueprint Software..

  1. Click the button below and head to the official website
  2. Enter your details to reserve your free copy of the software
  3. Fund your trading account with an accepted broker
  4. Download the software instantly and start trading now

*This entire process takes less than 15 minutes…

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