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My Advertising Pays launched a few months ago and now that it has grown to over 40,000 members with a 99% retention rate people are starting to spread the word like wildfire. But, is My Advertising Pays just another scam or can you actually make money with their rev-sharing structure.
In this My Advertising Pays review I’m going to breakdown exactly what you want to know about MAPS before you join, and I’m even going to offer you a massive bonus that includes one on one training from a 6 figure marketer at the end of the review so stick around!
What Is My Advertising Pays All About?
If you want to make money online you need to be able to drive traffic, and that’s just what MAPS allows you to do and you even get paid to do it.
More on that later..
MAPS allows you to buy credit packs that you can use to drive traffic anywhere you want it to go, whether that’s your affiliate link, Empower Network business, or any website you want really.
Each credit pack will cost you $49.99 each and it gives you hundreds of impressions which is a ton of eyeballs to have in front of your business opportunity.
The best part is that when you spend $49.99 on a credit pack it’s actually an investment because each credit pack will pay you 1.5-2% daily which means after 60 days that $50 credit pack will be worth around $60, a profit of $10 overall.
So here’s a quick breakdown:
1) Invest in a credit pack ($49.99)
2) Click 10 ads per day
3) Send free traffic into your business
4) Get paid your residual commissions daily
Who Created My Advertising Pays?
MAPS was created by Mike Deese who’s an all-american Air Force veteran who developed the entire system over the course of a year.
Apparently, he created the system “for the members” which is refreshing to hear in the make money online industry these days.
What Other Ways Do You Make Money With MAPS?
1) Profit Sharing – If you want to literally guarantee yourself profits all you have to do is buy 1 ad pack and click 10 ads per day and you will continue to make a variable amount based on the overall sales that MAPS makes.
Of course, it’s recommended to buy as many ad packs as possible because each ad pack will turn into $60 over the 60 days, but not matter what be sure to click your 10 ads per day so you can take advantage of the profit sharing.
Don’t worry!
This step literally takes about 3-5 minutes per day and it will help you guarantee yourself a massive income. On top of guaranteed income you have the opportunity to reinvest your return back into more credit packs that restarts the entire cycle all over again – more traffic, and more guaranteed profit within 60 days.
2) Affiliate Commissions – When you buy a credit pack you’ll be able to send traffic right to your business, website, or affiliate link which gives you yet another opportunity to make more commissions from the traffic thats already paid you 2 different ways!
3) Referral Commissions – For every single person you refer into MAPS you will get paid 10% on all the credit packs they purchase for life. This is just another opportunity to make money with MAPS, and is the best way to turn maps into a $5k, $10k, even $35+ per month online business.

MAPS Sounds Pretty Cool..But Is The Traffic Crap?
Let’s think about this for a second..
My Advertising Pays is boasting a 99% retention rate which means NOBODY is getting out….WHY?
Because they ARE MAKING MONEY! Nobody is gonna leave when their in the green…
That means 99% of the users are buying credit packs everyday, and clicking their 10 links everyday.
And if about 40,000 people are buying credit packs everyday you know the traffic ain’t too shabby.
Either way, you’re getting PAID to send the traffic in the end so its really a win win!
Even after testing the traffic myself I’m seeing a nearly 10% click through rate (on average) which means people are seeing my offers and I’m building my business and getting paid while I do it.
I’ve added tons of subscribers to my list, and even made 1 sale that nearly paid for 1 of my first 10 credit packs!
Even though people are incentivised to “click 10 ads per day,” nearly all of them are paying for ad packs inside My Advertising Pays so this is basically a list of 40,000 buyers!
Why Is My Advertising Pays a No Brainer?
1. Buyers Traffic – Get instant access to a list of proven buyers that have pulled out their credit card and made a purchase.
2. Make Money On Credit Packs – Invest in as many credit packs as possible because you’re going to make a profit of $10 per credit pack over the course of 60 days.
3. 10% Referral Commissions – Every member you refer into the MAPS system will make you 10% on every credit pack they buy for life!
4. Build ANY Online Business You Want – You can send traffic anywhere you want including your business opp, squeeze page, affiliate link, or website. The best part is you get paid up to 72 times per day when you do it.
5. Profit Sharing – Every single member that follows the simple 3 step system is guaranteed to make money online!
Where Can You Find Out More Information About MAPS Before Jumping In?
Here’s a step by step presentation that will guide you from MAPS newbie to making guaranteed daily commissions that pays you up to 72 times per day.
Why You Should Join Our Team?
Obviously, MAPS is a great opportunity to make money online with over 40,000 free memberships, 99% retention rate, and a simple 3 step formula that guarantees your success…
If you’re ready to take control of your life and learn how to drive unlimited traffic and leads into your new business overnight then this is the team for you!
You’re going to get the exact formula I use to rank this very website at the top of Google for BIG money keywords in less than 6 day!
Check it out…

Plus, you’ll find out exactly how to bank $4k per day online with this formula used by very few elite marketers..
On top of that, I’m going to personally teach you how to build a massive number of referrals into your business within hours so you can start making residual commissions while you sleep.
As soon as you join up you should expect an email from me within minutes so we can MAP out your success! Pun intended

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