Profit Genius Review

Could Profit Genius software be a huge scam?

Find out all about Profit Genius in this comprehensive review!

Product : Profit Genius profit genius software

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What Is Profit Genius Software?

The system is designed to create automated trading signals for binary options investors.

The automated signals are created with both basic and advanced trading strategies in mind.

You can easily tap into the automated signals the software produces and begin trading options with success as high as 91%, but how does it actually make you money?

How You Make Money?

There are only 2 winning investments.

The put or the call, and if you invest in an option that moves up or down when you say it will then you win.

For example, you think silver will move up from $500.00 to $500.01 within the next 30 seconds.

You place the investment at your broker, and after 30 seconds the option is at $500.02.


That means you earn up to 95% profit per trade, and how much is dependent on the broker and the option your investing in.

If the option was at, say $499.98 after the expiration of your choice, you would have lost your initial investment.

Fortunately, you can start trading with as little as $5 per trade but most traders place $25 on each binary options.


What’s So Great About Binary?

There are thousands of investors flooding into the market everyday..


Simple.. Because the payout is unmatched and the risk is much lower than traditional trading.

That’s the main reason binary has grown into a billion dollar industry.

Ok, But Do You REALLY Need A Broker Account?

Yes, this is 100% required if you want to trade binary options.

Especially if you want to start trading using the Profit Genius signals.

The software can’t help you trade unless you have a broker account with funds to trade with… That’s why you need to invest in a broker..

How Much Is This Broker TO Sign Up And Start Trading With Profit Genius Software?

Good Question..

If you want to trade options you will need $200 to sign up a broker.. That’s the trading funds and NOT the cost that you’re spending on the software.

Profit Genius is FREE but you can’t trade without funds to invest..Wouldn’t you agree?

That’s where the broker comes into the picture…

How To Get an Instant Trading Bonus of $300 + Download Link For Profit Genius?

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