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Chris Munch and the MunchEye crew just launched their newest software SkyRanker that promises massive first page rankings within 24-48 hours while building some of the most high quality backlinks the net has to offer…
BUT, is SkyRanker able to live up to all the hype and get you those massive rankings on the first page of Google you’ve been looking for?
Find out all about SkyRanker and see if YOU can use it to drive traffic, leads, and sales into your online or offline business in this Skyranker Review!
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What The Heck IS SkyRanker Software?
SkyRanker is an “all-in-one” press release service that allows you to tap into the power of services like PRWeb which charges upwards of $369 per press release, at a fraction of the cost.
If you need to drive traffic into your online or offline business then instant Google rankings is the way to do that, and SkyRanker is offering you 24-48 hour rankings with their proprietary software and training.
All this means is that within hours after getting approved you can have YOUR content sitting at the top of Google driving laser targeted traffic anywhere you want it to go.
But the way SkyRanker multiplies the value factor is when you get your release shared by some of the world’s highest quality websites and blogs on the planet..

But I Can’t Write Press Releases!
Chris Munch thought of people like us…Don’t worry.
You can get your hands on his all-new software that has never been released and the software literally lets you “fill in the blanks” and create high quality press releases within minutes that are sure to get approved the very first time.
The best part is for a press release to work at driving traffic, leads, and sales you don’t WANT a massive 2,000 word book.
You want to be to the point, and tell people where to find out more.This con be done in 300 words or less, so you won’t be spending hours on content..
Especially with the point and click style software.
Is This Technique Effective and Will It Drive Any Traffic?
One of the main reasons press releases are so powerful is because they rank very well, and very fast for major keywords which means you don’t have to wait weeks or even months to start seeing hits on your sites and affiliate links.
There are tons of case studies that come paired with the software and teach you how Chris has used Skyranker software to send 50,000 unique visitors to a 200 word article, and how you can replicate his techniques as your own.
What’s Included With SkyRanker?
You get full access to the Skyranker Press Traffic Service that offers the same power of PRWeb at a fraction of the cost.
You’ll also get the never released software that makes creating the 200 words articles a fill in the blank process that takes minutes.
On top of the software you’ll also get step by step training, case studies, and much more to literally guide you from start to finish.
Everything from basic setup, functionality, advanced features, live case studies, webinars, and of course, support is part of your SkyRanker membership.

How To Make Money With SkyRanker?
Making money online requires traffic, because without that you wont make a dime.
If you want to make money with Skyranker you need to drive the floods of traffic the software is designed to send you right to your website, opt in pages, or sales page.
This way you can make commissions from the autopilot traffic and instant rankings provided by Skyranker.
On top of that, you can use the software to get top rankings for your local clients. More on this below in my resuts..
My Results!
Thanks to Chris and the entire Skyranker crew I was able to test the power of Skyranker myself and the results are in…
Unfortunately, I tested my first PR on a local client who owns a solar installation company which means I can’t show any picture proof for the security of their website and rankings.
But, what I can show you is this… After just 14 hours my client had a (nother) first page ranking for his main keyword, PLUS he had the ONLY picture on the entire page now that Google decided to turn off Authorship pics…

Rankings within 14 hours? I’ll take it and so will my lead hungry clients…
On top of the instant rankings, traffic and access to leads you can get with the software, you also get hundreds of authority backlinks from sites like DigitalJournal (PR6 PA68/DA63!!!) which is about as “authority site” as they come.
Check out the super-high authority links I got to my clients site in under 14 hours…

I bet you could use the same ranking power in your affiliate business, network marketing business, or even your offline business to drive damn near instant traffic anywhere you want!
“I HIGHLY recommend Skyranker to anyone that wants to drive instant traffic and fresh leads into any business, both online or offline included!”
SkyRanker Bonus?
Yes, check out the SkyRanker bonus valued at $1691 below!
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If you’re ready to get ranked at the top of the search engines and driving laser targeted traffic anywhere you want it then you don’t want to miss out on thie “done-for-you” SEO bonus valued at over $1,000 PER MONTH – yours 100$ free when you grab Skyranker from this website… ($997 Value)
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If so, this one hour Skype coaching call IS the bonus for you because you’re going to get direct access to a 6 figure internet marketing mentor that will literally take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to use Skyranker to get top rankings and make serious money, no matter if you’re into affiliate marketing, MLM or Empower Network, offline marketing – it doesn’t matter!
Find out how to take your business to the next level (pulling in 6 figures per year?) and NEVER feel “stuck” again. ($497 Value)

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This formula sold tons of copies in the WarriorForum and has made hundreds of marketers $1000s of dollars on autopilot, and has helped me pull in over $8k from a single campaign in less than 2 weeks.
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How To Get The SkyRanker Bonus?
1. Clear your computer’s cookies
2. Click the button below and purchase Skyranker
3. Contact us with your proof of purchase : Admin at HomeLearningJourney dot com

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