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Product : Traffic Genesis traffic genesis system

Price : $997

Creator : Mike Filsaime

Website :

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Traffic Genesis just launched and people want to know if the software and training is another over-hyped product launch, or if you can actually use the package to build a successful online

Find out all about Traffic Genesis in our review, and don’t forget to check out the MASSIVE Traffic Genesis bonus valued at over $1653!

What Is Traffic Genesis All About?

Traffic Genesis is the newest Facebook marketing package that comes with training and software paired together to help any level marketer create a 6 figure business online through the power
of Facebook.

You don’t need to be a marketing guru to start using Facebook to drive thousands of visitors anywhere you want, especially when you follow the 8+ training modules inside the Traffic Genesis members area.

Everything you need to get started is included like the ads generation software that helps you create profit pulling FB adds within a few clicks of the mouse, or the 8 weeks of live training webinars that is included in your membership.

What’s Included With Your Purchase?

Module 1 – The Foundation

Setting up your foundation is one of the most important parts to succeeding with Traffic Genesis because you’ll be setting up your lead magnets and lead capture mechanisms that will literally work for you on autopilot to capture leads and make you commissions.

Once you complete this step you’ll have everything in place to build a solid 6 figure business online, and you’ll learn exactly how to calculate your most important numbers including customer value and CPA.

Module 2 – Market Research

You don’t want to go out and spend money right off the bat! That’s what most Facebook marketing newbies do just before they give up because it “cost them too much money and resulted in low ROI.”

Don’t be that guy (or gal)!

Get your hands on the Traffic Genesis propreitary tool that gives you tons of insider knowledge so you can be ahead of your competition right away.

On top of the tools, you’re going to learn how to target your perfect audience so you can be sure to pull in commissions.

Module 3 – FB Ads

You have to abide by the terms and conditions of Facebook and Traffic Genesis is going to literally hand you the best techniques for creating the highest ROI ads so you can put in $1 and pull out $2.

You’re going to find out how to create ads with massive CTR that target your most hungry audience.

If you don’t follow these techniques your CTR which means you wont get enough clicks to make any money on the backend. Sound confusing?

It’s all covered in the Traffic Genesis members area.

Module 4 – Advanced Strategies

One of the oldest sayings in marketing is that people need to see your offer 7+ times before they make a purchase or become a customer, which means you need to learn how to recapture your audience in as many ways as possible..

This will allow you to make money from customers that would have initially left, and Traffic Genesis is going to teach you the power of Facebook re-targeting which does just that.
With over 1 billion users on FB worldwide, it’s obviously a great place to target your audience, but now you can retarget your audience and get the old visitors that initially said “no this is not for me” to make a purchase!

Super powerful, and retargeting is covered in detail inside Module 4.

mike filsaime and andy jenkins

Module 5 – Tracking

This step is equally important as step 1 but you can’t throw up ads blindly and hope that one of them works while you lose thousands on the losers. You need to know exactly what ads are working, which ones to drop, and of course, which to keep and scale up.

Scaling up your top ads is how you go from 5 figures to 6 and even 7 figures with Traffic Genesis. You’re going to learn how to use 2 different tracking systems to find your most profitable and scalable Facebook ads.

This step takes you from baby marketer to elite marketer overnight.

Module 6 – Testing to Increase ROI

If you don’t test, you will never be able to improve. So the key is Test, test, test…
Module 6 is going to show you simple and effective ways to use split testing to increase your ROI by as much as 50% or more…

One important piece of increasing ROI is the picture used, along with a few others covered in the members area of course.

Module 7 – Getting Assistance

After going through this module you will never be lost again because you can have Facebook working for you..

If you have ever had trouble with approval, how long it takes to get your ad approved, billing questions, or anything at all then this module is one you want to check out.

Module 8 – Re-targeting (Outside FB)

Find out how you can tap into your old visitors and make them customers after all through the power of retargeting off the Facebook site.

This is where you stack online presence and force people to buy your products and overwhelm your  target audience with your stellar offer.

What Else Should You Know About?

You’re going to get some of Mike’s top training paired with software to help you every step of the way, but on top of all that you’re going to get a ton of other support, training, and bonuses and here are just a few :

Full Year of Traffic Training – If you’ve ever struggled to drive traffic then you’re going to love the full year of live traffic training that will literally take you by the hand and show you how to drive traffic through the most elite traffic sources online in 2014.

Obviously Facebook is a key traffic source, but a number of less known sources will be covered including solos, cpv, jv, and much more.

Traffic Genesis Bonuses – There are tons of unannounced bonuses included with your purchase so you’ll have tons of resources to keep you on track, and to skyrocket your new FB business through the roof.

Cheat sheets – Everything from how to set campaign goals, a complete blueprint to successful ads, how to use target audience, and tons of other cool cheat sheets and documents for the visual learner like myself.

Live webinars – 8 weeks of live training webinars are included so you can get your questions answered LIVE by the people behind the Traffic Genesis training and software package.
Now you can rest assured all your questions that come up will be answered and by the best source available, the creators and their team!

Instant Ad Creator – This is one of the software you’re going to get your hands on instantly inside the members area and it will help you create profit pulling ads in minutes.
This one software alone would normally cost hundreds of dollars due to the development process, but you get your hands on it as a Traffic Genesis member for FREE.

How Do You Make Money With Traffic Genesis?

If you want to make money online you need a high power traffic source that you can take advantage of because without traffic you wont make a dime.

Traffic Genesis is going to teach you how to use one of the most powerful traffic sources on the net, on top of that you’re going to learn where to send all that traffic so that you can make the most money and the biggest ROI.

By the end of the training you will have a system that lets you put in $1 and get out $2, just as long as you’re willing to learn and take action! Here’s how you make money with TG :

FB Traffic > Capture > Offer ($$$) > Follow Ups ($$$)

Traffic Genesis Bonus?

Yes, when you grab Traffic Genesis from the link below you’ll get :

1. Personal Coaching – Get coached by a 6 figure online marketer and learn how to make $1k per day or more online using the most up to date, proven stratagies avaialable. Get on a 1 hour Skype call and get all my top secrets revealed.

2. Done for you SEO – Let my team of professional SEOs take your website or video to te top of search for any keyword your after. I’ll have my team work on your SEO for 30 days to get you ranked and banking quickly.

3. $4k Daily Blueprint – Get the EXACT blueprint I use to generate over $4k in a single day online. Once you know the step by step process of pulling in 4 and 5 figure days you will never look back! Now you can get my $4k daily blueprint as a bonus!

How To Get Instant Access To Traffic Genesis + My Bonuses?
1. Clear your computers cookie’s first (this is important for the bonuses!)
2. Click this link or that big button below
3. Purchase Traffic Genesis
4. Send your proof of purchase to : admin @ homelearningjourney . com
instant access

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