Color by Number Count to One Hundred Chart

This week is Letter H so for math I decided to introduce the number of one hundred! Esmeralda (3.5 years old) also loves to color, so I wanted to make learning to count to 100 a little more fun by making my own color by number chart!

My first step was to find a very basic, free image on Google with a chart that went up to one hundred. I then opened it up into Paint and created my own color code and typed out the numbers for each color next to it. There are several different ways the numbers could have been written out, but I chose it this way for a reason. I wanted my daughter to visually see that all of the numbers for each color ended in the same three or four numbers. Black is a little different but that is because it makes a picture, which you will see at the end of this post!

Before we began the coloring process, Esmeralda asked to count the numbers, so I took my finger and pointed to each number and we said them out loud together. Somewhere around 50, she started losing interest and just started whispering them instead. I continued anyway because I figured even if she just listened to the numbers, she could still make the connection to what she was seeing. After that, I took my finger and went down the last column and to my surprise, she knew how to count by 10s all the way to 100. I do not know if it is because she heard me saying all these numbers or if it was something easy for her to understand, but she said them like a pro!

After that, it was time to color! My daughter took out her black, blue, red, and yellow crayons. I purposely chose blue, red, and yellow so that we could talk about the primary colors again. The last time we talked about them was when we mixed the primary colors for The Very Hungry Caterpillar project we did.

I let her color the black numbers first because I told her it made something special. She was so happy when she found out that it was a happy face (another letter H thing)! Afterward, we did one color at a time. I showed her the color code with the numbers. We talked about how each of the numbers all ended with the same numbers, so we found the columns where the numbers ended with the numbers found in our color code and colored them all!

At the end, as always, Esmeralda wanted me to write her name, so I had her spell her name out for me. After she said each letter, I would write it on the paper. She wanted to trace it, so I gave her a black crayon to go over her name that I wrote in red.

Here is how our color by number count to 100 chart ended up after we completed it!