Letter H Handprint Painting

To finish off our Letter H week (a bit late), Esmeralda was excited to paint the letter H using her hands for handprint painting!

What You Need:

  • Any colored paint.  I personally chose orange, yellow, and red for fall/Thanksgiving type colors.
  • Paper.  I chose a brown roll of paper in the mailing section at the dollar store.  I regret choosing brown though, as my yellow paint is drying and fading into the brown unfortunately.
  • A plate to pour a dab of paint on so the kids can smear their hands on the bottoms of their hands.  I just used one plate and washed it off between rinses because I did not have any paper plates, but you can use paper plates for each separate color if desired.
  • Little hands! Kids love it!

What You Do:

  • Really ANYTHING.  For letter H, just stamp the hands into the capital letter H.  You can do this for any letter or just do random handprints!