Nature Alphabet Book: Harp Seal

The Letter H addition is super late, thanks to the fact that my family and I just cannot get a break with sickness. My 18 month old is going on two weeks with a massive cold that he passed to me a week ago, and I am also still sick from it. It’s awful. Anyway, never fear, I finally found the energy to continue my 3.5 year old’s school stuff. So Letter H brings us the harp seal addition to our nature alphabet book!

To find some information on harp seals, Esmeralda and I looked at the Harp Seals page on National Geographic Animals! Along with reading the paragraphs about the harp seals, we saw a map, looked at the picture, listened to the audio, and read some of the fast facts. Here are some things we learned:

The mother can distinguish it’s baby’s scent between hundreds of other baby harp seals!
They can stay underwater for up to 15 minutes!
In the wild, they live to an average age of 20!
They are carnivores.
They grow to be about 400 pounds!
Esmeralda liked hearing the audio clip and looking at the baby harp seal more than actually learning the information about them. She was too impatient with wanting to color the coloring page she knew would come next. That’s what happens when you have a routine. Even though I had not printed out the page yet, she knew it was coming. I gave her a grey crayon and a yellow crayon because while I was reading a little bit to her, we found out that the fur is a light yellow or grey color. Actually, the young harp seals have snow white fur! Anyway, she wanted to a draw a picture before she colored so you will see that on her coloring page.

I do not know about you, but I think that picture of the baby harp seal is absolutely adorable!